Bronze Bullseye, Pempheris analis Waite 1910

Other Names: Blacktip Bullseye, Bronze Sweeper

A Bronze Bullseye, Pempheris analis, at Yellow Rock Slope, Lord Howe Island. Source: Andrew J. Green / Reef Life Survey. License: CC BY Attribution

Head and body coppery-red to purplish-brown; dorsal, anal and caudal fins with black tips; pectoral fins yellowish to reddish; pelvic fins pale yellowish; a dark stripe sometimes along lateral line.

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Bronze Bullseye, Pempheris analis Waite 1910

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Recorded in Australia from Rottnest Island to the Dampier Archipelago, Western Australia, and from Cape York, Queensland to Sydney, New South Wales. Also at Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island. Found elsewhere in northern New Zealand.
Nocturnal - aggregates in caves and under ledges during the day.


Meristic features:

Dorsal-fin spines/rays VI, 9-12

Anal-fin spines/rays 111, 30-38

Pectoral fin: 16-18

Pelvic fin: I, 5

Principal caudal-fin rays: 9+8

Lateral-line scales: 63-77

Scale rows above lateral line: 10-13

Scale rows below lateral line: 22-27

Cheek scale rows: 7-10

Gill rakers: 9-11 + 22-25.

Lacks a prepelvic keel; scales ctenoid.



Dianne J. Bray

Bronze Bullseye, Pempheris analis Waite 1910


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CAAB Code:37357006


Depth:3-25 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:20 cm TL

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