Sand Mullet, Myxus elongatus Günther 1861

Other Names: Black Spot Mullet, Bully Mullet, Lano, Poddy, Tallegalane, Tallegalene, Wide Bay Mullet

A school of Sand Mullet, Myxus elongatus, at Fairy Bower, Manly, New South Wales. Source: Richard Ling / Flickr. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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Sand Mullet, Myxus elongatus Günther 1861


Kendall, B.W. & C.A. Gray. 2008. Reproductive biology of two co-occurring mugilids, Liza argentea and Myxus elongatus, in south-eastern Australia. Journal of Fish Biology 73: 963–97.

Kendall, B.W., C.A. Gray & D. Bucher. 2009. Age validation and variation in growth, mortality and population structure of Liza argentea and Myxus elongatus (Mugilidae) in two temperate Australian estuaries. Journal of Fish Biology 75: 2788–2804.

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