Yellowfin Leatherjacket, Meuschenia trachylepis (Günther 1870)

Other Names: Yellow-finned Leatherjacket, Yellow-finned Leather-jacket

A Yellowfin Leatherjacket, Meuschenia trachylepis, at Fly Point, Nelson Bay, New South Wales . Source: Dave Harasti / License: All rights reserved


This endemic leatherjacket is overall greyish to yellowish brown with bright blue lines and scribbles from the snout along the upper surface to the caudal-fin base, and along the anal-fin base, patches of dark spots and scribbles on the midsides, and a yellowish-orange caudal fin with white basal and marginal bands.

Juveniles are bright green or dusky brown and are well-camouflaged amongst seagrass and kelp.

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Yellowfin Leatherjacket, Meuschenia trachylepis (Günther 1870)

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Endemic to eastern Australia from southern Queensland to eastern Victoria. Adults usually inhabit kelp-covered rocky reefs and sponge gardens in estuaries and along the coast, whereas juveniles usually shelter in seagrass and kelp beds.


Dianne J. Bray

Yellowfin Leatherjacket, Meuschenia trachylepis (Günther 1870)


Bell, JD, JJ Burchmore & DA Pollard.  1978. Feeding Ecology of Three Sympatric Species of Leatherjackets (Pisces : Monacanthidae) from a Posidonia Seagrass Habitat in New South Wales. Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 29(5): 631-643.

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CAAB Code:37465059

Depth:0-40 m

Habitat:Rocky reefs, seagrass beds

Max Size:40 cm TL


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